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Dear Friend,

Life is Simple! Are you kidding? Read on. These are the opening comments in my recently completed book, Life Is Simple Hard But Simple.

All my life I have been working, preparing, researching and studying for this day. Just like everyone who has walked this magical world I have had challenges. Whether challenges are financial, physical, emotional or spiritually-we all need to find a way to conquer. YES, I truly believe that Life Is Simple Hard But Simple (just the way God wanted it). Inside these pages you will discover that life is intended to be simple-hard-but simple. When we understand this concept it becomes much easier to appreciate what is going on in our lives.

Throughout my life I have discovered certain building blocks that guide me on a daily basis. I've attempted to write the book to myself-giving it a One-to-One feel. My objective is not to convince you to think like me, but rather to convince you to challenge the way you think.

You will benefit by learning why you should have a personal mission, how to define such a mission and most importantly-how to fulfill your very own personal mission. It closes with guidance for those inevitable rough spots in life and lays a strategy for achieving and enjoying success on a daily bases. You can read this book in an evening. However, working with this valuable information can then derive a lifetime of benefits.

If you are ready to discover what awaits you inside Life Is Simple Hard But Simple take that first step and buy a copy today. The book will be sent to you immediately via e-mail in less than 5 minutes. You can be reading and on your way to a great mission!

Have A Great Mission!

R. Terry Meiser, Author

R. Terry Meiser, Author
Life Is Simple Hard But Simple

P.S. Dr. Harry Wiant, Jr. (Ibberson Chair of Forest Resources Management, Penn State) said, "My immediate reaction to Life Is Simple Hard But Simple was that it is so practical and positive that it should be required reading for anyone with a life, and that's pretty inclusive!"

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P.S.S. If you aren't ready to take that first step read on to learn more about what awaits you inside Life Is Simple Hard But Simple. You will then be ready for the journey.

Life Is Simple Hard But Simple

Part I - What Is This All About?

Chapter 1 - My Guidance System

"The author delivers a powerful message in an "easy to read and understand" style. Life Is Simple Hard But Simple, with the subtle reference to the importance of one's spirituality, offers a common sense way to achieve life's goals both personally and professionally at whatever stage you are in life."

Joe Kleinbauer--Retired Businessman

Chapter 2 - Three Basic Questions of Life

"Terry Meiser writes with the life experience, wisdom, common sense and sure-footedness of the kind of guide you'd follow on a hazardous wilderness trek. Life Is Simple is a beautiful book written by a man who quite plainly knows what living is really like, all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments included. This book is terrifically practical, quick to read, filled with humor and life interest...and it packs a very pleasurable punch! I highly recommend this tremendous book!"

Dr. John Stahl-Wert--Author of Ten Thousand Horses and the
international bestseller, The Serving Leader

Chapter 3 - Personal Mission

"I would not have guessed this was the author's first book had I not known that fact before reading it. It is a mature statement, well presented, well written. Terry Meiser takes the reader on a journey to help him, whether the reader is in a "pit" in life, or looking how to live happier, this book will give you several strategies, tips, hints, and suggestions to extricate yourself from that pit or improve your happiness."

David Sielaff, Director
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (A.S.K.)

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Part II - Building Blocks

Chapter 4 - Pillars

"This thought provoking and compelling book with its insightful approach provides an answer to the simple as well as the difficult challenges everyone encounters in life which makes it a "must read" for anyone especially those in business today."

Jim McLaughlin--Retired President of First National Bank of Mifflintown

Chapter 5 - Priorities

"After being married for nearly all of my adult life, my husband and I went through a bitter divorce, which consumed me for two and a half years. I read this book at a time when I finally had accepted the fact that my old life was over and I realized that I must begin anew at the age of sixty-three. The straight forward approach of this book gave me the inspiration that I needed to look at my future with an optimistic point of view. It provided me with a structure in a simple and easy to read format to focus on a new beginning. This is a book to read and reread!"

Mari Joy Miller--Retired (Llama Owner and Enthusiast)

Chapter 6 - Direction - Balance - Focus

"I have just completed reading his first book and I am pleased to find a wealth of knowledge compiled into an easy to read, easy to understand manual that anyone can comprehend and implement into their daily lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve themselves whether it's personally, in the work place, or even their spiritual life."

Jerry L. Leach--Owner J.B. Construction

Chapter 7 - Subjects to Study

"Over the last twenty-nine years I have known R. Terry Meiser as my friend, business partner, coach, and most importantly as my father. He has been a successful C.P.A., business owner, forest steward, husband, father, grandfather, community volunteer, leader and role model. Over the years he has provided guidance, direction, discipline (my sisters needed more than me) and support for me. On November 15, 2006 I meet with my father and he told me that he had written a book. I have heard him talk about writing a book for years. WOW! I was surprised. The book was complete and ready to read. Immediately I loved the title Life Is Simple Hard But Simple. I quickly flipped through the book and was blown away! The book was truly amazing. After reading the book I told Dad that he needed to release the book quickly. Now today the book is available as an E-book-I never thought my Dad would have his own E-book. Life Is Simple Hard But Simple is a wonderful book that we can all receive something from. I would encourage you to invest in yourself and get your hands on a copy. You will not be disappointed. I have been a satisfied customer for twenty-nine years."

Nathan P. Meiser, Consulting Forester
TimberLeads, Inc.

Chapter 8 - Links - A Yardstick to Live By

"Terry Meiser has written the ultimate self help book. Drawing on the wisdom of the ages, and peppering his writing with current leadership theory and salting it with numerous examples from his own personal experience, he urges each of us to craft our own personal mission statement as the key to a successful life's journey. Meiser writes with a directness and wry humor that will engage the reader from beginning to end."

Bill Lehr-Chairman, Capital BlueCross

"This book will be useful to many people, particularly those who have achieved success because of one skill or one product line they have developed, but who are now more reflective and standing back trying to learn how to put it all together."

Abram M. Hostetter, M.D.

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Part III - Is This the Beginning or the End?

Chapter 9 - How to Quit

Chapter 10 - The Key that Always Works

"While going through a broken relationship and the loss of a son I read a few books and listened to many self help tapes. Terry Meiser's Life Is Simple Hard But Simple ranks high in my opinion."

Scott Richardson--Construction Worker

Chapter 11 - In the End

Chapter 12 - Success

"Terry's workbook has captured a lifetime of practical and invaluable principles that have changed my life. The workbook format is easy reading; it's hard to put into practice but will change your life."

Randy Tice--Chairman, APR Supply Company

Chapter 13 - Personal Mission Stool

Chapter 14 - Have a Great Mission!

"Terry Meiser's work is beneficial to the young adult and retiree alike. It forced me to seek answers to questions I had never before had time to confront. This book is a manual for living that challenges the reader to question every aspect of his life, goals and purpose. A quick scan is helpful to everyone, but its true worth is to that person who meditates upon it while desiring to evaluate what he has done in life and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. A well spring of wisdom........."

Ray Baker--High School Principal 35 years (Retired)

Appendix I-Biblical Anchors

Appendix II-Reference Material

Objections that you can't let stand in your way...

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Available today for just $23.50 — 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My friend make a promise to me and yourself-make a statement with your life! My intention is to use and adjust this information as long as I live. Beyond that, it is my hope and prayer that now or later, this material will help at least one other person.
        Make my day-be the ONE!

Have a Great Mission!

R. Terry Meiser, Author

About the Author

Terry's background includes an accounting degree from Penn State University, 1965, CPA license, 1968, business owner since 1976, married 38 years, three children and four grandchildren. His passions include family, friends and the outdoors...especially the outdoors in Pennsylvania and Wyoming. One of his greatest pleasures is starting with a blank piece of paper and creating something of value. This book certainly fits and fills that objective.

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